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Special Deliveries
Where the Journey is as Important as the Outcome
Where the Journey is as Important as the Outcome

What exactly do we mean by that? We believe that the experience of having a child via gestational surrogacy can and should be an amazing and fulfilling experience for all involved. Special Deliveries LLC is a surrogacy consulting agency co-founded by an Intended Mother and a Gestational Carrier.  Our personal experiences with gestational surrogacy, from both the intended parent perspective and the gestational carrier perspectives, allow us to completely understand the emotional aspects of this experience as well as the logistical and practical considerations.  We offer both surrogates and parents-to-be personalized concierge surrogacy matching and consulting services. Whether you are an intended parent or a potential gestational carrier, we will always treat you with both respect and compassion. Our goal is for both Intended Parents and Gestational Carriers to not only have no regrets but to experience joy at having chosen this amazing path. 

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