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Potential Gestational Carriers

Welcome to what could be the most fulfilling experience of your life!


We know you are nervous and have probably been thinking about this for a while. We know you might be wondering who you could be matched with. You might still be unsure of your decision or maybe you're raring to go and can't wait to get the process started! Either way, let us answer your questions and help you make your decision.


First of all, how do we work for you?


We require an FDIC-insured escrow account to be fully funded by IP's prior to transfer.


We ensure you have your own legal representation.


Unlike many other agencies, we require IP's to pass an extensive background check as well as a psychological evaluation with a psychologist who specializes in Advanced Reproductive Technology (ART) family building, before accepting any IP's into the program. We do not accept IP's with drug or alcohol problems, STD's or who simply have the wrong idea on what surrogacy is all about.


We feel very strongly that surrogacy is about altruism. It is absolutely not baby selling. We make it very clear to IP's that a GC is not owned and is not to be treated like she is a uterus with an inconvenient head attached. We find people who think that they own a gestational carrier and treat her as if she were a paid for commodity both loathsome and ridiculous. While it's true that our income stream comes from the IP side, that absolutely does not mean that when push comes to shove, we have the IP's best interests in mind more than a GC's. Our goal is to create great matches for everyone involved. Our gestational carriers are the backbone of our business, you not only make families that would otherwise not be possible, you make our business possible as well and we would be fools not to recognize that and treat you with respect as well.


We require a joint counseling session with both you, your partner (if applicable) and IP's before a match becomes official, so you can feel completely confident that all involved are on the same page regarding expectations both during the pregnancy and post partum.We feel strongly that IP's and GC's choose each other. We make recommendations, but the choice is ultimately yours.


If the description below describes you, becoming a Gestational Carrier might be right for you:


- You have delivered at least one child of your own in an either uneventful pregnancy and delivery or, if there were complications, tend to be ones that do not reoccur with subsequent pregnancies.


- You have not experienced post partum depression requiring medication following pregnancy.


- You are between the ages of 21-42 years of age (These guidelines are set by fertility clinics. In some cases, a woman up to age 45 may be eligible.)


- You do not participate in government aid programs including cash assistance, welfare, public housing or section 8


- You do not use illegal drugs, smoke cigarettes, or abuse alcohol


- You are financially stable


- You are a legal resident, legal immigrant or citizen of the US and can provide documentation of this


- You have a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 28 and 33. (These guidelines are set by fertility clinics. In some cases, a BMI of up to 35 may be acceptable.)


- You are able to travel for IVF and follow up procedures, up to and including the first heartbeat sonogram


- You will consider each unique situation when the subject of selective reduction comes up and will recognize that the intended parents should not be completely left out of this important decision. Women whose position is "I will never abort or selectively reduce under any circumstances" are simply not good candidates for gestational surrogacy and will not be accepted into our program.


- You have supportive family and friends

- You can provide proof of a Covid-19 vaccine or are willing to become vaccinated.


If this sounds like you, fill out our application here and we will be in touch with you soon!

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