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Who Are We?
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Tracy King
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Susanna Gedaro
Co Founders

There are plenty of other surrogacy matching agencies out there to choose from, boy, do we know that! How do we know? Let us introduce ourselves:

Tracy King is a Master's-Prepared Registered Nurse who is an experienced gestational carrier.  As a carrier, she gave birth in 2014 to a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Prior to that she successfully navigated both working with an agency and ultimately matching independently.

Susanna Gedaro is an Engineer by background and is also the happy mother of 7 children, 6 of whom arrived via gestational surrogacy following years of failed fertility treatments and multiple miscarriages. She matched independently four times with four amazing gestational carriers, the final one of which was Tracy King.

We have both been there. We understand your hopes, your fears and why you want to do this. We understand the pitfalls of using an agency. Some agencies don't treat surrogates respectfully because their income stream is coming from the Intended Parent side. Some agencies charge Intended Parents an arm and a leg and then engage in shady business practices or match up people who never should have been matched in the first place, regardless of fit and rush through the process just to get a paycheck.

We have learned that the journey is as important as the outcome. Let's get real. This is not easy for anyone. There can be bumps along the way. If IP's and GC's don't see eye to eye these bumps can turn into unbearable mountains for all involved. On the other hand, when the match is a good one, the journey is a smooth and happy one and ends with only joy all around. Happy families on both sides is our goal. We achieved that with our matches and our primary goal is to achieve it with yours.

We are VERY choosy about both our gestational carriers and our intended parents and both go through a rigorous screening process before acceptance into the program. We will not work with gestational carriers who do not pass extensive background checks, who are doing this as a source of income or who simply are not in the correct frame of mind. We will not work with intended parents who do not pass extensive background checks, who do not have a medical reason that prevents pregnancy or makes it medically inadvisable, who see a surrogate as a paid for and owned commodity or who see this process as anything but an enormous gift. In addition, we also only suggest matches to people who have a similar outlook on family, religion, values and friendships. Ultimately both parties choose each other, however we would rather wait and find you the right match to ensure a joyous journey for everyone rather than rushing and simply slapping two available parties together just for expediency's sake. From experience, we understand this process inside and out and from both sides, intended parents and gestational carrier. We understand potential pitfalls and, because our own journeys were so successful and positive for all involved, we will not accept anything less for our clients, both IP's and GC's.

We are proud members of SEEDS, (Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy) a non-profit organization that defines industry standards for ethics and good business practices and which only accepts businesses who adhere to the highest of industry standards. Membership candidates are required to pass a rigorous vetting process and we are proud to say that we are one of few surrogacy agencies who have been offered membership and the only surrogacy agency in the state of Florida who have achieved membership.

We are also members of the ASRM (The American Society for Reproductive Medicine), an internationally recognized leader for multidisciplinary information, education, advocacy and standards in the field of reproductive medicine. The ASRM is a non-profit organization whose members must adhere to the high ethical principles of the medical profession, demonstrate an interest in infertility, reproductive medicine and biology, and be in accordance with the objectives of the Society.

Susanna has been a local RESOLVE volunteer and leader since 2000 and continues to lead Central Florida RESOLVE Meetings. We have been speakers on surrogacy both jointly and separately at several local and national events and have helped many, many people achieve their dreams of a family along the way over the years. We also have existing relationships with many fertility clinics, both locally and nationally, and have the knowledge and expertise to be able to ask the right questions to ensure your care is what it should be. 

Either Tracy or Susanna will accompany you to every transfer, to the first heartbeat appointment and of course, to the delivery. We will never outsource or assign a third party as a case manager and you will have the personal cell phones of both founders. This is a personal experience, not just a business arrangement for any of us and we will do everything in our power to ensure that your experience with surrogacy, either as an intended parent or as a gestational carrier, will be one of the most rewarding and joyous experiences of your life.


Hopeful & Happy on Transfer Day!

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