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Welcome Parents-To-Be!

Congratulations on taking this big first step towards enlarging your family! We know you may be scared, unsure, nervous and maybe even heartbroken. How do we know? Because we have been there. The desire for a child is one that isn't easily ignored and, when not resolved, can take a large toll on lives. Whatever your path was to get here, whether painful or more straightforward, we can help you start on the exciting path towards fulfilling your dream.

Our personal experiences with gestational surrogacy, from both the intended parent perspective and the gestational carrier perspectives, allow us to completely understand the emotional aspects of this experience as well as the logistical and practical considerations and we will always treat you with both respect and compassion. We are committed to be with you throughout the surrogacy process, from the time you decide that this is the right path for your family to the day you first hold your newborn in your arms. We are passionate about helping families through surrogacy because of the joy it has brought to both of our families.

Once the long awaited pregnancy has been established following successful embryo transfer and subsequent implantation, many intended parents continue to attend reproductive endocrinology and ob/gyn appointments including the first sonograms, the exciting first heartbeat appointment and the gender reveal appointment (if parents choose to find out the gender before birth). At every step along the way, intended parents find that, far from being left out of the pregnancy, they are involved and very much experience being the expectant parents that they truly, finally are. Most intended parents are present for the birth of their child and many intended mothers also choose to nurse their babies following birth as well.  Su​rrogacy allows intended parents to experience the joy and bonding of pregnancy and childbirth when it's either impossible or not medically advisable to physically carry a child themselves. 

Our screening process is extremely rigorous. Only about 1% of gestational carrier applicants are allowed to proceed after the screening process is complete. We begin with an initial phone interview, an extensive background check and an in home study and, before proceeding any further, require a psychological evaluation conducted by a mental health professional who specializes in surrogacy for both the potential carrier and her spouse or significant other. We also require an additional series of interviews before approving anyone as a potential carrier to determine the best possible experience for all involved. We do not accept any candidates with STD's, smokers, whose family is unsupportive or who wants to be a gestational carrier for any other primary reason other than altruism. Our screening process is one of the toughest to pass in the industry for good reason: We will do everything we can to ensure good outcomes for everyone involved and the first step towards that is being extremely selective about our clientele.


We will never assign you a case manager. This is because, in our experience, this is a very personal journey and, as a result, we give all clients the personal cell phone numbers of the founders of the company instead. Every client gets personal concierge service directly from us, not only those who pay extra for it because every journey is just as important as any other. Since the founders are a former 4x IM (Intended Mother) and a former GC (Gestational Carrier) who had successful journeys after independently matching each time, we are very sympathetic and sensitive to concerns from both parties and act as advocates for both the IPs and GCs. We believe very strongly in keeping all lines of communication open and intentionally have a small, dedicated team devoted to making this journey as joyful and successful for you as it has been for us.

​We are proud members of SEEDS, (Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy) a non-profit organization that defines industry standards for ethics and good business practices and which only accepts businesses who adhere to the highest of industry standards. Membership candidates are required to pass a rigorous vetting process and we are proud to say that we are one of few surrogacy agencies who have been offered membership and the only surrogacy agency in the state of Florida who have achieved membership.

We are also members of the ASRM (The American Society for Reproductive Medicine), an internationally recognized leader for multidisciplinary information, education, advocacy and standards in the field of reproductive medicine. The ASRM is a non-profit organization whose members must adhere to the high ethical principles of the medical profession, demonstrate an interest in infertility, reproductive medicine and biology, and be in accordance with the objectives of ASRM.

Susanna has been a local RESOLVE volunteer and leader since 2000 and continues to lead Central Florida RESOLVE Meetings. We have been speakers on surrogacy both jointly and separately at several local and national events and have helped many, many people achieve their dreams of a family along the way over the years. We also have existing relationships with many fertility clinics, both locally and nationally, and have the knowledge and expertise to be able to ask the right questions. 


What exactly do our fees include?

  • Unlimited access to consultations with owners regarding the surrogacy process and any questions along      the way. You will have our personal cell phone numbers and will be able to call and/or text us 24/7.

  • Advertising and gestational carrier recruitment

  • Initial application reviews, intake screenings and phone interviews for all potential Gestational Carriers

  • Run criminal background checks on Gestational Carrier, her partner/significant other and anyone living in the home over the age of 18.

  • Phone interviews, in person interviews and home studies of all potential gestational carriers

  • Requesting and reviewing medical records from carrier ob/gyn and ensuring they are sent to RE chosen by IP(s)

  • Ensuring Gestational Carrier knows what to expect regarding the IVF process, educating her if necessary

  • Review of Gestational Carrier's existing insurance policy, if applicable, verifying medical insurance or assist in finding medical insurance that is surrogacy friendly

  • Ensuring STD Screenings of all Gestational Carriers and their partners

  • Psychological Screening for Gestational Carrier and their partner

  • Custom matching service that finds you a gestational carrier that you will always get the final say in choosing or not

  • Facilitate contracting between GC and IP(s) and assisting with contracting discussions and negotiations regarding fees, additional expenses and other agreements.

  • Coordination of appointments for GC for: Psychological evaluations, STD screenings, Initial medical clearance appointment at IP chosen RE, Interviews, home studies etc.

  • Coordination of all GC appointments with IP chosen RE throughout the process

  • Coordination of all GC appointments with ob/gyn throughout pregnancy

  • Attending selected medical appointments upon request

  • Travel expenses for the gestational carrier, if necessary, for IP(s) initial meeting with her, up to $300

  • Arranging life insurance policy for the gestational carrier

  • Ensure GC has access to an independent attorney

  • Referrals to (as needed):

    • Medical Professionals

    • Egg Donation Agencies

    • Sperm Banks

    • Embryo Donation Agencies

    • Financing Services

    • Attorneys specializing in reproductive law (to handle contracting and legal filings)

    • Escrow holding companies

    •  Mental health professionals

    • Lactation Consultants

  •  Coordinate travel for GC for all appointments with IP chosen RE for medical clearance appointment(s), embryo transfer and all post transfer monitoring

  • Assist in setting up escrow account

  • Managing escrow funding and disbursements to all medical professionals and delivery hospital

  • Supporting both GC and IP(s) in getting ready for transfer

  • Attending major appointments such as transfer, first heartbeat and delivery and any other appointments requested.

  • Assisting with the location of a “surrogate friendly” OB local to the GC, if necessary

  • Coordination with the hospital regarding birth and post birth arrangements including ensuring that the hospital is in possession of all required legal paperwork prior to birth and working with the hospital social worker to coordinate a smooth hospital experience.

  • Attempting to arrange, if at all possible, a separate room in the delivery hospital for intended parents to room in with their baby.

  • Ongoing guidance, encouragement, mediation and case management as needed, supporting you and your gestational carrier and managing your case from beginning to end.

  • Post birth support of all parties a minimum of 8 weeks post birth ensuring that the GC is recovering from labor and delivery and that all parties are adjusting well.

  • Personalized concierge experience provided directly by both founders, not a case manager who has never been either a GC or IP before.


What’s NOT included?

  • Legal fees

  • Medical fees including all costs related to egg retrieval, embryo transfer, IVF, diagnostic testing, medical clearance for carrier by RE, HSG, mock transfers, mock cycles, embryo cryopreservation and all other medical procedures etc.

  • Medications

  • Medical insurance for gestational carrier if necessary 

  • Co-pays and/or any medical fees that the carriers insurance does not cover, including any and all medical procedures, medications needed during pregnancy, ob/gyn visits, specialist visits, postpartum doctor visits

  • FDA required bloodwork

  • Donor Egg/Sperm/Embryo procurement if applicable

  • Surrogate medical examination/medical clearance by RE

  • Surrogate base compensation fee plus potential additional fees such as:

    • Transfer fee

    • Loss of reproductive capabilities 

    • C section fee

    • Invasive procedure fee (amnio, cerclage, D&C, Selective reduction, termination of pregnancy etc.

    • Maternity clothes

    • Travel expenses (as needed)

      • Hotel

      • Parking

      • Economy airfare for carrier & companion

      • Meal allowance

      • Travel to and from airport

      • For local (drivable) travel then mileage and meal allowance (if travel of more than 1/2 day is required.) until gestational carrier is released to her local ob/gyn

    • Multiples fees

    • Lost wages if she is on bed rest (capped)

    • Bed rest compensation

    • Out of the ordinary childcare expenses (capped)

    • Purchase of a term life insurance policy for carrier

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