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LGBTQ Parents-To-Be
(The kids are alright)

LGBTQ family building does indeed have some unique challenges. Maybe you haven't been greeted with the unbridled enthusiasm that straight couples generally enjoy upon announcing their plan to start a family. Perhaps you've heard some ignorant and insensitive remarks. You may have been the victim of uncalled for editorials regarding your suitability to become a parent. You may even have been subjected to monologues covering a variety of myths regarding gay parenting, ranging from the misguided to the downright ludicrous. 


With LGBTQ parenting on the rise, most people have finally begun to realize that it doesn’t matter what a family looks like, just as long as children are raised in a nurturing, loving home. Social research studies have repeatedly proven without a shadow of a doubt that children thrive in homes where they are simply loved and cherished, something that we think seems fairly obvious. Good parenting is not influenced by sexual orientation; rather, it is influenced mostly by a parent’s ability to create a loving home and raise a child with care, love, and attention.


When it comes to starting a family, many LGBTQ couples now choose surrogacy as a way to build their families and realize their dreams of parenthood. Many find that it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime and find that building a family in this way brings joy, bonding and a sense of family like no other family building experience.


With that in mind, we at Special Deliveries welcome LGBTQ parents-to-be and strive to provide you with the best support, resources and information possible. We are proudly committed to helping you build your family in a welcoming and supportive environment and will be honored to walk beside you in your journey to parenthood.

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